SQL- and NoSQL-Databases

SQL- & NoSQL-Databases, 2019


  • Michael Kaufmann, School of Information Technology, Lucerne
  • Andreas Meier, University of Fribourg, Fribourg


The eighth, revised and extended edition of the textbook introduces the reader to relational (SQL) and postrelational databases (NoSQL). Main topics form: Tasks and duties of data management, modeling aspects, query and manipulation languages, protection and security, system architecture, multi-user operations as well as integration of data in the web. In addition to classical concepts, important aspects for NoSQL databases are explained, such as the Map/Reduce procedure, distribution options (fragments/replication) or the CAP theorem (consistency, availability, partition tolerance).

Target audience:

The book is intended for students of various disciplines who are looking for an introduction to the field of SQL and NoSQL databases. It also helps practitioners to better assess the strengths and weaknesses of relational approaches and developments for big data applications.

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